Well Hello .......

This is a website created mainly as a vehicle for my blogs on travel (see the Wobbly Blogger tab).  My favorites?  Probably "The Hotel Miserable Weasel and the Amerikan Hastenesi" because it was such an epic disaster of a trip that nevertheless managed to be a rich source of  humour, and "De Coup in Kenya" because it is not often one has to deal with  guns, curfews and gastroenteritis all at the same time. Comments are welcome and if you like something, please "like" it!

Built on the new SocialGO V2 platform, this site is the first of a new generation of hybrid websites that have social media and membership already "baked in".  Until you sign up, you can only see the blog,  not all the other tabs for videos, photos, members, recipes etc.  To  sign up, simply click the "sign up" link (top right) and you can do so with one click, using your Facebook or Twitter log-in. 

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