The most expensive upgrade in history

I love Virgin America and (in the interest of full disclosure) not just because they are a client of mine.  They are without doubt the best domestic airline in the US, although now they're flying internationally it is probably not even correct to call them that.  The in flight entertainment is second to none;  the seats all ... yes, all, have a full standard US power outlet for you to power anything.  Well ... almost anything.  I am sure they would draw the line if you set up an ironing board.  Most other airlines, if you are lucky enough to get seat power at all, provide a plug socket of a unique design hitherto only found aboard the International Space Station.  They then shamelessly try and sell you an adaptor for $50.  Best of all, on Virgin America, your personal touch screen gives you access to the food and drinks menu, so whenever you want something you just tap and swipe and in a couple of minutes a charmingly informal flight attendant delivers surpisingly good food to your seat.  The "trolley dolly" is finally dead - a fact that should delight both passengers and dollys alike.

Booking a flight on Virgin America the other day, I was offered the opportunity to upgrade my seat to "main Cabin Select".  Now bear in mind this is not first class, this is just the area of the main cabin where the seats have a little more leg room ... and where they give you free drinks and an extra sexy "hello" on boarding.  The price I was quoted for the this by the automated booking system was a tad under $10 million dollars. Look at the photo - that's a screen shot from my laptop.  Naturally I declined, but I wonder what would have happened had I accepted?  I would certainly demand quite a lot of leg room for that ... such as the entire plane.  I would also want my meal personally catered by Mario Battali with cocktails  hand mixed by the barman of the Carlisle Hotel.  As for entertainment, well I think a nice little onboard concert by the Eagles would be  a pleasant way to while away the hours to the Big Apple.

 I love Virgin America, really I do, but I am sure that wasn't what they had in mind.   $10 mil for some leg room and a Gin and tonic?  I'll have to have a word with RB about that.